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13 best affiliate programs for your blog Top

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13 best affiliate programs for your blog Top13 best affiliate programs for your blog Top Daily, thousands of bloggers are earning recurring cash flow by affiliating with different companies with the help of affiliate programs. Similarly, Affiliate marketing is a powerful strategy for generating considerable online income and boosting sales. So, you should join an affiliate program for exclusive access to the special deals for your audience and content also.In other words, affiliate marketing is making money by promoting the products of another individual or firm. Basically, it is an agreement between different businesses. Therefore, the affiliate finds a product, promotes it, and earns a portion of its profit.You can do this through product integration, web content, and also, social media. For instance, the cloud way is an affiliate program. So, the program commissions the bloggers and affiliates who use their programs to market their hosting.In this article, you will be exploring the 13 best affiliate programs for your blog.

1. Cloudways

Cloudway is a top-rated affiliate program. This affiliate program helps you earn a high commission at your own pace. Cloudways works according to the performance-based slabs. So, if the number of conversions you achieved is high, your commission will ultimately increase.Furthermore, this cloudways affiliate program allows the person to access the dedicated dashboard. This dashboard enables the user to create reports, download promotional materials, and view the performance of campaigns.Cloudways is a widely used and most viable affiliate program for every type of blog, especially for the web hosting space due to its flexible model. Additionally, this program instantly pays commission to you for every customer you refer. Cloudy is on the top in the queue of best affiliate programs for bloggers.Pros

  • A flexible and cheap affiliate program
  • Also, easy to operate
  • Simple and easiest payment method
  • 24/7 customer support is available


  • It doesn’t support PayPal
  • Few Norwegian credit cards do not properly.

2. Adobe Affiliate Program

Adobe affiliate programs are best for beginners. If you are new to this affiliate industry, we strongly suggest you join this affiliate program. It will help you know how to become an expert affiliate blogger.There are high monetization opportunities concerning any other programs. The commission of this program will be more than 85% in the first month for the document cloud and creative cloud.Through this affiliate program, your readers will also be glad to get access to the creative application. At the same time, it allows the most uncomplicated transaction process.Pros

  • It allows the easiest transaction.
  • Adobe affiliate program gives vast monetization opportunities.
  • Best for giving exclusive and up-to-date information on every newly released product.
  • Its cookies duration is of 30 days.


  • Adobe affiliate program does not offer recurring commissions.
  • This affiliate program is a bit expensive.

3. Amazon Associates

When we talk about the best affiliate programs for blogs, it is impossible not to mention Amazon. Amazon is the initiator of the affiliate marketing strategy. You have to share your product virtually on Amazon to initiate an affiliate program.Furthermore, adding a custom link to the product is also crucial. This Amazon Affiliate program is primarily for publishers and bloggers.It is also pivotal to convey that Amazon associates are the largest online shopping store globally. Apart from that, Amazon associates discover products to suggest to your audience, making it an easy process for you.Pros

  • There are tons of products are available for review.
  • This program offers a competitive commission.
  • Amazon associates are easier to use.
  • Customer support is very helpful.
  • Easiest to operate


  • Amazon associates are not perfect for some niches.
  • Amazon’s unclear policies make its support unhelpful.

4. eBay Partner Network

If you search for a flexible and viable affiliate program for bloggers in mind, then the eBay partner network is an ideal choice for you. The eBay partner network gives an approach to the excellent dashboard to its users, and this monitoring dashboard is crucial for tracking your project's performance.The best part is the portal, which has an exceptional design. Subsequently, it allows the person to precisely track the user's behavior. Besides this, eBay offers easy attainment of VIP status on genuine traffic.Pros

  • Easy to attain VIP status on genuine traffic
  • Almost 80% of the products are new on eBay.
  • There is a nice collection of affiliate tools in this program.
  • eBay partner network offers an intuitive affiliate dashboard.


  • Cookie’s time is 24 hours.
  • Complex commission structure.

5. Overstock affiliate program

In America, overstock is the primary online retailer. This online retailer is famous for selling home equipment like appliances and kitchen products, lighting, furniture, and bath products. It gives access to their data feed and helps you examine the progress of the current project.Along with the data feed, it enables you to access a lot of promotions and also, deals. These deals and promotions will update regularly. This affiliate program is highly competitive and absolute for bloggers.Pros

  • There is a lot of paid media opportunity
  • The overstock affiliate program offers 14 days referral period
  • This program provides exclusive partner offers.
  • Dedicated affiliate and customer care agents.


  • Confused commission structure.
  • Overstock affiliate program is expensive.

6. Commission Junction

The Commission Junction affiliate is famous for its always-up-to-minutes statistics. Therefore, this ensures you will never have to reload the page, and you'll be able to see what's going on in real-time.You get to pick which products of advertiser you would like to promote and where, as an affiliate marketer.CJ Affiliate offers a massive range of programs.Commission Junction is an affiliate marketing network where you can set up programs in the languages for your choice and local currencies. It also allows collaborating with partners that speak other languages and use different currencies.Pros

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Bulky assortment of promoters
  • Robust features
  • Good reporting options


  • Difficult to accept some programs

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7. Impact

The impact was launched in 2008 by the same crew of tech and marketing fanatics responsible for introducing us to some of the industry's biggest names, including Commission Junction,, and LeadPoint.Today more than 1000 world-renowned brands now rely on it. Even for amateurs, getting started with the Impact network is pretty simple. It is entirely free to join. It comes with a convenient and great dashboard that shows all of your profits in one place.Pros

  • Chrome plugin to visit any page
  • Enable businesses to recruit and seek over 8lac prospective


  • An Affiliate HTML banner is needed for its partners
  • SEO friendly affiliate URL needed

8. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the renowned and advanced affiliate networks with a 20-year history as an affiliate marketing network. In addition, ShareASale has an affiliate program for its network.You will receive $30 for each qualified affiliate.However, to collect the $30, the affiliate you suggested to ShareASale must earn a minimum of $20 commission. The primary benefit of ShareASale is that it’s a popular site. Even “Awesome Motive” use ShareASale to fulfill their affiliate requirements.It's mainly because ShareASale makes it simple for publishers. ShareAsale is a highly effective program; anyone may use and earn affiliate commissions.Pros

  • Huge network for its merchants
  • Offering a good commission rate
  • Easy to join and professionally dealings


  • It can time some time to work
  • Time-consuming process

9. SkimLinks

Bloggers can use fashion affiliate programs to advocate or review new products and fashion trends on the internet. Across the Skimlinks network, fashion affiliate programs have earned the most significant money for publishers. Furthermore, this implies that while fashion is a lucrative niche for bloggers, it is also quite competitive.You can go with it if you don't want to get too technical or new to blogging. They will send you a code to put on your site, which will convert any link you put on your blog into an affiliate link. There's also a Chrome extension available.Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Options for various payment methods
  • Best reporting options


  • 90 days payment time period
  • Slow customer support

10. VigLink

VigLink is another ad network that can help you gain monetary profit from your blogging. In a nutshell, it turns your export connections into affiliate links. For example, suppose you own a fashion blog where you write about the latest trends in clothing, accessories, and handbags. So, VigLink transforms your outgoing links into affiliate links and pays you automatically. It's a way to make money from your blog.Viglink does not affect your affiliate links if you also have them on your blog. As a result, it's simple to implement on any blog. Furthermore, you need to add a piece of code to your website, and Viglink will handle the rest.ProsNo efforts needed

  • Quick approval
  • It covers every niche


  • When not optimized properly, almost every stated product becomes a link.

11. Clickbank Affiliate Program

The fact that you don't need prior permission from a merchant to start marketing his product makes ClickBank one of the most outstanding affiliate programs for individuals who are still new in the industry.It's also interesting to note that the ClickBank affiliate network has a reputation for paying out generously and regularly. Most of the merchants on the dashboard will also give you a lot of promotional material and page copy, such as presale pages, product photos, and brand logo designs.Pros

  • Access bulky range of items
  • Makes regular payments
  • Provides 60 days money-back guarantee


  • It charges fees
  • Parties cannot communicate directly

12. Fiverr Affiliate Programs

Fiverr allows monetization for graphic design, marketing, writing, programming, video and animation, business, lifestyle, and various other sectors. It is the biggest platform for entrepreneurs to register and promote their services.It can be one of the most profitable affiliate programs around. Regardless of the genre of the service provider you're promoting; the Fiverr affiliate program pays up to $150 for each referral.Fiverr offers a variety of opportunities to make affiliate revenue, including their 'Learn from Fiverr' courses, which pay you 30% per transaction.Pros

  • A well-known platform in the world
  • Higher commissions than others
  • Professional support


  • Support takes time to resolve issues

13. Affiliate

An affiliate is an excellent option for marketers looking to reach a wide range of industries. It has a vast range of items and offers, allowing you to pick and choose where you want to focus your efforts for optimal outcomes.In addition to this, if you get approval for this program, you'll get your own Affiliate consultant to guide you in optimizing your traffic. That manager will also help you develop a one-of-a-kind bonus scheme to maximize your earnings. It's famous among global affiliate marketers because of its incredibly simple platform.Pros

  • Low investment cost
  • No proficiency needed
  • Flexibility and convenience


  • Can’t control your competition
  • No guarantee of income

Final Words

These are the top 13 best affiliate programs for your blogs that you can sign up for easily. As the result, none of these programs require any money to join. By using these programs, you can easily promote your blog the right way. Furthermore, always convey the truth to your readers, and also, ultimately your credibility will increase.

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